Mains power automation

A wide range of Weathermaster products can be automated for added convenience, giving you shade, privacy and security at the push of a button. We partner with Somfy and are Somfy experts. The Somfy motors we use are of the highest standard. Indoors, automated blinds give you ease of operation, no chains meaning they’re aesthetically pleasing as well as child friendly.

Outdoors automated Awnings and External Sunscreens with switch or remote control are ideal for hard to reach areas and for people who may have difficulty with manually operating an awning. You can incorporate the products into “Smart Home” and building management systems.

Weathermaster products with the option of automation:

Mains power automation

Offering the convenience of automated rollershades, without the expensive and invasive installation required from running power cables, Q-motion is the technology for you.

Powered by batteries that last up to five years, the Q-motion system operates rollershades quietly and smoothly. The batteries are concealed within the roller tube. Q-motion can be controlled either by using the remote control or by integrating your Q-motion rollershades with your Apple iOS devices via Q-sync technology. (Please note Q-sync must be purchased separately.)

Q-motion technology is the leading technology in the window covering industry.

Your smartphone or tablet can double as a remote controller for Q-motion rollershades. You don’t have to use a remote control with your Weathermaster® Q-motion Rollershades. All you need to do is purchase Q-sync technology, and then download an application for your Apple smartphone and/or tablet.

Easy to set up:

mobile app

Can’t locate the remote – no worries?
The Q-motion system can be manually controlled by touching the bottom bar.

hand1 150x150

Raising the blind

For fully-up position: Pull down on bottom bar – approximately 50mm – then release.

hand2 150x150

Lowering the blind

To lower shade: Pull down on bottom bar more than 50mm and release.

hand4 150x150

Manual preset

For next position up: Pull down slightly on bottom bar – 10mm to 20mm – then release.

Q-motion’s unique low-friction design ensures extra-long battery life – up to five years. The batteries are stored inside each blind’s roller tube and are easily accessible for replacement by pulling down on the blind fabric to reveal the exposed extrusion and battery cut out. Rollershades don’t need to be removed from the window for battery replacement. Too easy right?