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Eclipse™ Shutters

Proudly manufacutred in Australia and sourced from Canada, Weathermaster® Eclipse™ Shutters are made from an advanced polyresin solution. Essentially maintenance free and built to last, Eclipe is the stylish and practical shutter your home needs.

Eclipse comes in 3 different sizes (64mm, 89mm and 114mm) to achieve different lighting, ambience and view through.

Design with safety in mind, Eclipse are compliant to the ACCC Child Safety Regulations. With no cords or small parts, these shutters will pose no risk to small children or pets.

For full details on colour and style options, please refer to our downloadable shutter brochure.

Masterwood venetians

Weathermaster Masterwoods are the alternative wooden blinds that look and feel like real timber. This attractive wood grain effect is made with 100% polyresin, using a manufacturing process that makes the slats more rigid and durable.

The slats are UV Protected and are resistant to humidity and come in the choice of two widths (50mm and 64mm) and an attractive matching valance. The colour range includes a palette of neutrals to complement the natural wood grain, which results in a variety that will complement any decor.

Weathermaster Masterwoods are equally at home in your living room, as well as high-humidity areas like laundries, kitchens and bathrooms.

Countrywoods timber shutters

Our Countrywoods® Shutters provide the enduring craftsmanship and timeless beauty of real timber, custom made for your home.

Weathermaster Countrywoods® Shutters are more than just a basic window covering; providing heat and light control whilst adding value and style to your home.

They are a beautiful combination of functionality, durability and practicality in a window covering and each shutter is custom made to your window or doors exact specifications.

Countrywoods timber venetians

To provide blinds of exquisite quality our Timber Venetian blinds are hand-crafted in New Zealand using a combination of traditional woodworking skills and modern technology.

Weathermaster Countrywoods Timber Venetians provide a variety of grain patterns and natural colours within each length. These variations are part of the appeal of using natural timber. Our Timber Venetians are also available in ‘e-cote®’ lacquered or painted finishes.

Our Timber Venetians range is available in a variety of colours, co-ordinated to suit your decor. Lending themselves to many interior styles from contemporary to country or colonial.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Weathermaster Aluminium Venetian Blinds are the perfect choice for practicality and value. In just seconds you can effortlessly control, light and shade, ventilation and privacy.

Aluminium Venetians are eco-friendly manufactured from up to 97% recycled material, including the 0.215 heavy-duty slats (the thickest in the market). They are resistant to peeling, abrasion, scratching, dulling, discolouration and corrosion and are perfect for special-shaped windows and both large and standard window sizes.

With our range of colours, finishes, and slat widths to choose from, you can transform any room into a style that is completely your own.